Are you looking for custom wall plaques?

The rest of the article sheds some light on how the use of mementos such as badges and medals can add a personal, and yet friendly, touch to your small business, while, at the same time, elevating your own past personal achievements.

Time to get back in touch

Perhaps pressurized by the need to meet financial commitments and turnover deadlines, many small businesses may have lost touch with who they really are. They may have also lost that sense of awe and pride they had when they first opened the doors of their new business.

During the process, perhaps over a few years, customers may have subconsciously sensed this and even if taking nothing personally, simply walked on to greener pastures, more competitive prices and, perhaps most importantly, better service.

Now, the best entrepreneur may be able to tell you this in the blink of an eye and even a wink that one of the best characteristics that contribute towards premium service is the important addition of service with a smile and a light touch of something circling the personal and humane.

Display your personal achievements

A custom badge can be given to employees or to help bring in new clients. Order your custom badges from Lega, a Melbourne based company. What successful Melbourne fish and chips shop won’t have a memorable wall plaque, detailing an eventful fishing trip, taking pride and place over the sales counter while casting a watchful eye across the shop floor? And if you as a hardy shopper have noticed that such achievements are missing from the walls of your local fishmonger, then perhaps it’s time that you ask him about this, or, better still, move on to the next store.

There must have been some measure of personal achievements that led to the micro-entrepreneur being able to start-up in the first place.

Create a customer friendly environment

Provide recognition of a special moment with our selection of wall plaques. The wall plaques come in a variety of sizes and colours and can all have custom messages applied on them. Let’s rephrase that; there are personal achievements that a customer friendly entrepreneur will be sharing with his intimate, and yet, growing circle of wonderful clients who keep coming back for more of the same, and fresh offerings too. One of the traditional ways of showcasing memorable moments for the benefit (there are personal benefits, but that is less important in the context of this message) is through the use of badges, custom badges, medallions and wall plaques.

Don’t forget the name tags

Displayed prominently and strategically, no-one, not the customer, nor the staff member, is likely to miss any of these. One last note before this article ends is this; when providing your staff with customized name tags, do make sure that they send off a friendly and warm message to your customers.

In a matter of minutes, we were able to inspire aspirant small business owners to bring a little nostalgia along with pride into their business.