Know and understand RSPCA Court & DPI&F Supported Tactics. See More details at 

The following Tactics were condoned, supported, protected and endorsed by Colin J Strofield in the Magistrates Court and the Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (DPI&F) who provided Legal Counsel in the Court to protect RSPCA and to help them achieve their Goals of keeping Geraldine Robertson's World Famous Pedigreed Poodles to sell for RSPCA profit.

His Honour Colin J. Strofield as Magistrate in Geraldine Robertson's Appeal for the return of her dogs had a duty to provide her with a fair hearing. Instead he:-

Courts have a self interest and must be able to be trusted by the community. When witnesses are allowed to perjure themselves with immunity, when witnesses are allowed to be intimidated, when transcripts get altered, when evidence is hidden from a party, when obviously fabricated evidence is allowed to be presented to the Court, when cover ups occur the Court earns disrespect from the Community. A Magistrate that does this brings the whole Justice System and all the Courts into disrepute. Magistrate Colin J. Strofield did this in his Court and so brought all the Courts and the whole Justice System into disrepute.

Restricted the evidence to the "reasonable belief of the RSPCA Inspectors when they seized Geraldine Robertson's dogs and to the forfeiture decision by DPI&F. The Animal Care and Protection Act placed him into the Position of the Chief Executive administering the act with the powers of the Chief executive and the function to conduct a hearing, make a decision whether Geraldine Robertson's dogs should be returned and make recommendations. Read the final submission to the Court

Magistrate Colin J. Strofield condoned the improper conduct of RSPCA, the defamation, the abuse, the threats, the assault, the intimidation of witnesses, seizure of her records which were not used by RSPCA or DPI in the hearing, the seizure of her computer and what was on it which were not used in the hearing. He did this by not allowing them as issues before the hearing.

Allowed RSPCA and DPI&F to hide evidence from the hearing.

His Honour allowed substitution of Court Exhibit 24 that was played to the Court to be substituted with a cassette that has never been played to the Court. Without this evidence in the Court it becomes impossible to prove Shayne Towers-Hammond's perjury in the witness box on our Appeal to the District Court. Transcripts Day 5 page 72 line 6 to line 20. It would be most probable, given the dishonesty of that Court, that the cassette tape is blank.  Transcripts Day 5 page 3 line 35, the DVD played by the Court that is referred to as Court Exhibit 24, in the transcripts has now become a tape. A tape that was never played to the Court.

Covered up RSPCA's improper conduct by not allowing it to be discovered in the hearing and he stopped Geraldine Robertson's witness, Margaret Watts giving evidence about property stolen by RSPCA in their raid of the 22nd February 2008 where Margaret Watts saw what RSPCA Inspectors were doing.

Allowed and encouraged RSPCA witnesses to commit perjury and then covered up this perjury by ignoring the perjury, appearing to believe it, saying he would consider the perjury as evidence, denying there was perjury and covering it up by having parts of the transcripts removed.

His Honour allowed witnesses irrelevant to the hearing before the Court to give evidence. Dr Penelope Kirk had not been the Appellant's vet for over ten years, yet she was allowed to give evidence as to the condition of the Appellant's dogs that His Honour considered relevant to his considerations as to the conditions of the dogs. If the dogs had been packing and eating each other as Dr Penelope Kirk said they were, then after ten years there would only be a few left. Her Vet cards do not support her evidence. What she said was designed to prejudice the Appellant and under normal rules of evidence would not have been allowed as it was not relevant to the conditions at the time of seizure.

Colin J. Strofield has received a promotion.

When the Perjury and intimidation of witnesses is discovered in the Court it is covered up.

The venues of the hearings did not get displayed on the Court Directory. This is normally done by the Court when they do not want the media to be present. It was an open Court and more people should have been there to watch the perjury being discovered. 

When Annette Barrell describes how she was intimidated by Tracey Jackson and Daniel Young delete her evidence and the discussion that followed from the transcript. See this covered in more detail

When RSPCA Inspector Shayne Towers-Hammond can be proved to have committed perjury Magistrate Colin J. Strofield stopped this from happening and then deleted that section of the transcript. See this covered in more detail

Geraldine Robertson had been exercising her Duty of Care to her World Famous NEIGER Pedigreed Poodles.

At the Time of seizure Geraldine Robertson had, after twenty years of breeding, managed to breed exceedingly rare red and brown coloured Pedigreed Poodles. Geraldine Robertson was exporting poodles and had overseas orders for her poodles at prices of up to $6000 each for puppies. Some puppies were being readied for export to Benji-Pet Kennels in Singapore. Many of her bitches had been mated to produce red and brown puppies to fill overseas orders and expected further orders. One such order was worth $260,000. 

The RSPCA came just after there had been flooding rains hat had washed debris into her kennels. Most of the dogs had already been moved to the house holding yards and two kennels had already been cleaned. On the morning of the raid all the dogs at the house holding pens had just been wormed and the rest would have been brought to the house yards and wormed that day. More on Geraldine Robertson exercising her duty of care.

Seize All Geraldine Robertson's World Famous Pedigreed Poodles

Create complaints and provide "information" to a Justice of a Peace to get a warrant to enter Geraldine Robertson's property to inspect the animals.

Prepare transport by organising to transport the animals to the RSPCA Shelter. Have Logan City Council transport vehicles and employees wait in Dairy Creek Road for to the order to move. Have all the RSPCA dog carrying capacity available to move the animals.

Put down 40 dogs in the RSPCA Shelter to make space for the dogs to be seized.

Have other breeding kennels ready to to take the seized animals and ship them straight there from the RSPCA Shelter after seizure.

The intention was always to steal all of Geraldine Robertson's dogs.

Mislead Geraldine Robertson into thinking all the evidence will be available to her to show her dogs were not neglected.

Mislead Geraldine Robertson into believing the RSPCA Animal Rescue camera crew are RSPCA staff collecting video evidence with the intention of not ever allowing her to have this video evidence.

Tell Geraldine Robertson she will be able to get her dogs back by making an application to the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F) knowing full well that the DPI&F always forfeit all the animals seized as a standard procedure.

The intention was always that dogs would never be returned to Geraldine Robertson

Cause Geraldine Robertson massive insult in all possible ways. Cause her fear and terror so she will be too afraid to Appeal to get her dogs back.

Get the media involved and give them a damming story with damming pictures. Defame Geraldine Robertson lying that the dogs were starving, packing and eating each other. Make a big issue and gain public support and sympathy for the actions of RSPCA.

Send Geraldine Robertson really nasty threatening scary letters.

Make lots of abusing telephone calls to Geraldine Robertson.

Have people go to her property and threaten and assault her.

Sent emails to the Judges, Barristers, Lawyers and others demanding that Geraldine Robertson "never be allowed to own another animal".

The intention was to cause Geraldine Robertson to be too afraid to Appeal to get her dogs back.

Take full control of the evidence Geraldine Robertson would need to get her dogs back.

Organise a raid to ambush her Appeal to DPI&F and take all her evidence from her. Take the puppies Gerladine had kept in the freezer as proof that RSPCA killed in the seizure and take the dog with the broken neck to cover-up RSPCA cruelty to the animals

Take Geraldine Robertson's computer so she can no longer prepare her Appeal to the DPI&F.

Take all her Legally privileged documents to find out in advance the nature of her Appeal and to remove them from her so she is legally debilitated.

Take Geraldine Robertson's Kennel records which had details of all the many (20) people who had been to her kennels in the previous two months and seen her kennels and boarded their dogs with her. These people could speak up for Geraldine Robertson. Without the records Geraldine Robertson would not have to contact details for getting witnesses to support her about the conditions of the kennels just previous to the very heavy rain

Steal property, jewellery, cash, personal photos, letters causing Geraldine Robertson real fear and distress with RSPCA.

Have RSPCA Lawyers pretend to be able to give Geraldine Robertson her dogs back and run up a legal bill in the process of $80,000 for no gain to Geraldine Robertson. People with out money cannot win in courts.

Hide from the Court and Geraldine Robertson the existence of 6 DVD's taken by the RSPCA Animal rescue camera crew.

Never give back Geraldine Robertson's records. For more on RSPCA conduct see submission on RSPCA Conduct.

Visit and intimate the few witnesses Geraldine Robertson was able to find that would support her by giving evidence of the conditions of the Kennels and yards before the seizure.

Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (DPI & F) provide RSPCA with guidance to tighten their case for Forfeiture.

Geraldine Robertson writes lots of letters to the Minister for DPI&F detailing what RSPCA have done and summarising the situation. These letters are sent to RSPCA revealing to RSPCA how Geraldine is arguing that her dogs should be returned.

Geraldine Robertson Appeals to DPI&F for the return of her dogs. This Appeal is provided to RSPCA and they are asked for better information on which to base their forfeiture. Dr Anne Chester provides a better Affidavit and RSPCA improve their perjury. DPI&F then forfeits Geraldine Robertson's dogs, and on review the DPI&F again forfeits Geraldine Robertson's dogs.

DPI&F's Fiona Ferguson said from the witness box that DPI&F always forfeits seized animals to RSPCA.

Fabricate Evidence to Support the Seizure

Edit the exit video to add scraping noises to it and say that the yard was putrid covered in a sludge of faeces and urine and had since been cleaned up.

Call rain washed debris a sludge of faeces and urine.

Say puppies ready for export and had just been playing in the rain were covered in faeces and urine and living in cages full of faeces and urine.

The list is very large see ....Submission of the Evidence.

Fabricate Evidence relating to the health of the Poodles to show neglect.

Puppies that died 3 weeks after seizure had to have died from Geraldine Robertson's neglect.

Fabricate veterinary health records to show the dogs had lots of health problems. (Every treatment to the dogs after two weeks is because of RSPCA neglect. Only the incompetent RSPCA forgot to check the dates of the records and had produced records that show their neglect and cruelty towards Geraldine's dogs)

The Magistrate Colin J. Strofield encourages, condones, supports and protects perjury by RSPCA witnesses.

Many Applications are made to Magistrate Colin J. Strofield and they are all ignored.

Magistrate Colin J. Strofield looks on with admiration as the witnesses perjure themselves and says he will consider their evidence. When questions are put to him that he should do something about the perjury he simply says there is no perjruy.