Do you need a short stay apartment?

For majority population looking for mid-range place for stay, hotels come out as the only choice. But there is an alternative to hotels-serviced apartments. Looking for a temporary housing choice, serviced apartments are the best alternative. Serviced apartments offer short term accommodation while relieving you the stress of starting from zero- searching the ideal apartment and servicing it with the household items. You could be on a holiday, business trip or even excursion and would like a place to stay for the short period, serviced apartments pride themselves in offering you the ideal place to lay your head for the stay while enjoying the panoramic view of the area or attending the business meeting.

With enlisted qualified staff, you will not have to worry about the household chores allowing you to maximize your holiday or even close in on that business deal. Usually, there is also the option of doing the chores yourself if you are very passionate about home maintenance and even customization of the apartment so that you can continue to stay comfortably while exploring what the place has to offer.

Advantages of staying in Serviced Apartments

  1. There is more space-there are more rooms envisaged in a serviced apartment. There’s usually a separate dining area, kitchen and the bedroom. This offers you the freedom to enjoy the amenities that comes with these apartments.
  2. You eke out maximum value at minimum cost. Most hotels offer to do your laundry at some fee. Serviced apartments come equipped with washing machine allowing you to do your laundry at your most convenient time.
  3. Less frequent housekeeping: Unlike in many hotels, you will never be disturbed by room service chants unless you requested for one. You are at your freedom to maintain and do your household chores. This will sound enticing particularly if you fancy household chores and home management.
  4. Are home away from home: at serviced apartments, you’ll be accorded your privacy, independence and your freedom; so your apartment will be your fort-where you work, relax and even entertain yourself.


The choice of an apartment may be done on the basis of:

  1. Price
  2. Location and Surrounding Environs
  3. Amenities Offered
  4. The policies and services offered at the Apartment

Some of the services offered in many serviced apartments include

  1. Parking bay
  2. Laundry services
  3. Day-care
  4. Restaurant services
  5. Spa and sauna services

Booking a Short Stay Apartment

Live comfortably in furnished apartments when on a short stay in these short stay apartments. Melbourne serviced apartments by Park Avenue are considered the best in Melbourne Booking an apartment can be an uphill activity, but with the latest trends in technology, you can search and book an apartment online.

Booking fees are usually not charged and you need a credit card to make an online booking. If you would like to talk with the agents, hotline contacts are usually provided for any questions or requests.

Cancellation Policies

Different serviced apartments have different policies. The common policy is that in regard to cancellation of a booking, a cancellation fee equivalent to one day’s stay is charged. The arrival and departure times are usually specified by the concerned company. The cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card or even deducted from the deposit made during booking.

On-site security is offered and the staff is usually available 24 hours a day for any assistance. Parking options may vary from on-site parking bay to secure off-site region; so that you can stay with the peace of mind intended.